Increase your child's artistic confidence

During this Covid-19 pandemic we wanted to make our paid courses accessible for all.

Therefore you can get 75% off all our courses at this difficult time. The courses have a lifetime access so no rush to complete. No code needed.

These can be shared with all the family or you can share with your class. Thank you for your support as this will help keep our small business afloat as well as providing videos for people to use at home. x stay safe x

No code needed

75% off all courses

Lifetime access so no rush to complete the course.

  • Zendoodle Animals is free
  • Cartoon Studio was £24, now £6
  • Art Quest was £14, now £3.20
  • Manga Faces will be £8, now £2
  • More courses on their way...
Are you looking for art classes but find they are

too far away?

at inconvenient times?

too overwhelming for your child?

    The door to our artroom is always open...

    Learn at your own pace at a time and place to suit you 

    Lifetime access to all courses

    Enjoy our workshops in the comfort of your own home


    Tried and tested art lessons

    I have taught face to face art lessons for years in Bristol in the UK including after school courses, holiday art days, tuition and teaching art weeks in schools across the country


    We encourage creativity

    We believe in teaching the art skills and then encouraging our students to come up with their own ideas for projects so that their experience is truly creative 


    We celebrate 'mistakes'

    We believe that to make art you need to take risks and we celebrate the fact that you may not always like what you draw. That is part of the creative process and something that every artist goes through!


    We offer support

    You can send us a message, email or even request a skype session if you feel you need any support. We love hearing from you!


    Try our Zendoodle Animals Free Course

    Not sure if we are the right fit for your child?

    No problem, try our free course!

    Why is it important to create art?

    It develops problem solving and creative thinking skills

    It improves a child's fine motor skills (more fun than handwriting practise!)

    It develops a child's emotional intelligence by giving them a way to express themselves

    It is a mindful and calm activity so great for general well-being

    The creative process helps the child develop the essential life skill of perseverance

    and it's fun!

    See all our courses below

    Creativity is the key

    We believe in the power of creative thought and taking risks so we encourage everyone to develop their own projects using the art skills we teach along the way. No step by step, instead pure creativity through and through!

    Learn At Your Own Pace

    You can use any device at any time and anywhere! Resume exactly where you left off. There are no limits to the number of times you can view a video lesson so you can come back again and again!

    Awesome Community

    Join our creative community and connect with other budding artists from around the world who are just like you. Learn and share with our supportive GO SKETCH CLUB community.