Live Art Tuition for Age 9+

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Group options:  

Tues 5pm-6pm 

Thurs 5pm-6pm 

We have now finished this term. 

What is happening Next Term? 

I am working away for a lot of next term so I am unable to offer regular live classes unfortunately.  I plan to run some in the summer and in Sept. 

However, I would like to film a new pre-recorded course for you so you can access the lessons via video whenever suits you to ensure you never miss a class.  

I would like to know what you would like me to film.

Options are:      

Clay Sculpture (air dry clay)     
Secret Garden (flowers, plants, keys, magical gardens, fairies...)     
Into the forest (trees, forest creatures, leaves...)     
Kawaii cartoons (cute cartoons in the japanese style of kawaii including pokemon)     
Drawing faces     
Drawing people and characters     
Drawing dragons     
Watercolours beginner course  

VOTE: Please click here to votefor all the options your family would be interested in.

Learn essential drawing skills in a group on zoom for age 9 and up. We will enjoy exploring skills such as proportion, perspective, tone, composition and texture to create our own unique pieces of art.  

Includes handout and optional homework task, plus individual support via email.  

They happen online so... 

*You don't need to drive them anywhere   

*They can learn essential drawing skills in a supportive environment     

*They can build their confidence in their own ability     

*If your child is shy they do not need to turn their camera on unless they want to     

*I can offer support during the class and after via email    

 You can book onto your main session, however if you can't make a session you can join one of the others instead for that week.

Tell me more...

Online Drawing Tuition

Make time for art during lockdown

Join our online drawing tuition on Zoom 

Don't have zoom? Download here

What age is it for?
Our online art tuition is for age 9-16. Email [email protected] for more details.

What will we learn?
We will enjoy exploring skills such as proportion, perspective, tone, composition and texture to create our own unique pieces of art.

How is this different to your online art club?
Our Drawing tuition still encourages creativity and for each artist to find their own style but is more based on the elements of art and developing the skills within them. 

Is there a replay?
Sorry we are unable to record the meetings due to safeguarding of children. You need to attend live.  You can however attend either class each week.

Who is teaching the class?
Emma, the founder of Go Sketch Club, will be teaching the class. Emma is an artist and an art teacher with over 10 years experience. 

How much is it? 
Drawing Tuition is currently £13 for an hour's group tuition

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds if you are unable to attend last minute. 

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