Cartoon Studio

Cartoon Studio

If you love drawing cartoons then this is the course for you!

Why is it good for you to draw cartoons?

  • It develops your problem solving and creative thinking skills
  •   It improves your fine motor skills (and it is more fun than handwriting practise!)
  •   It is a fun activity that is great for general well-being

What do you get with Cartoon Studio?

  • 35 video lessons
    • PDF Helpsheets
    • Only need pencils, pen and paper
    • Learn tips and tricks to draw your own characters, step by step
    • Explore your own creative ideas

      Cartoon Studio is a great course for children aged 7 and up (including beginner adults) to develop their cartooning skills and ignite their imagination! The course includes 35 video lessons that you can pause and rewind as much as you like. You can learn at your own pace and can choose a time suitable for you, great for those rainy days!

      The 35 videos are split into 8 sections:

      Cartoon eyes and expressions
      Cartoon noses
      Cartoon mouths
      Cartoon hair
      Cartoon faces and bodies
      How to create movement
      Cartoon Animals
      Objects and scenery

      The online videos are easy to follow with step by step instructions for how to build your own cartoon character. We encourage you to be creative so you will not only be copying but developing your own ideas as you move through the course.

      Great for a rainy day and fun for all the family!
      So what are you waiting for?

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      Course Curriculum

      Emma Shannon

      Hi there! 

      My name is Emma and I have loved art from a very young age. I qualified as a primary teacher in 2006 and soon discovered that, due to timetable restraints, there was not enough time dedicated to the arts at school. I was often seeing children with low confidence being taken out of a rare art lesson to do more maths and English.

      I believe that we should value art as a subject more as being creative makes us feel good, increases our self confidence and helps us think in different ways. 

      As an artist and a teacher, it was the logical choice to bring my two passions together to create Go Sketch Club!

      I believe in teaching children that there is no such thing as 'good art' and 'bad art', only art we like and don't like. Everyone likes different art! We celebrate 'mistakes' as 'opportunities' within the creative process. 

      Go Sketch Club aims to develop young artists into self confident, imaginative and creative thinking adults of tomorrow.  

      Happy sketching and hope to work with you soon,

      Emma :)

      Emmanuelle Kirby

      Bristol UK

      "The presenter's style is very engaging. My children respond well to the format especially the encouraging comments that anticipate that they may make mistake and suggestions how to deal with it and the positive energy that makes us want to have a go."

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