Manga / Anime Faces

Let's create our own Anime / Manga character faces with different expressions

Does this sound familiar?

At Go Sketch Club we want to change that to...

Introducing our Manga / Anime Faces Art Course

Enjoy the mindful activity of drawing and have fun!
This course is pre-recorded so you will never miss a class :)

Enjoy the mindful activity of drawing and have fun!
Every child is different although I would recommend the course for age 9 to adult as it is quite technical. However if you have a younger child who draws people all the time then go for it.

Enjoy the mindful activity of drawing and have fun!
Yes, the price for the course covers your whole families access. You can watch and rewatch each lesson as much as you like. 

Enjoy the mindful activity of drawing and have fun!
We have you covered with a 7 day money back guarantee so feel free to try it for a week and if it doesn't suit you, we will refund your money no questions asked.

Enjoy the mindful activity of drawing and have fun!

Course Summary

In this short course you will learn how to draw in the Japanese cartoon style known as manga. 

You will learn how to draw facial features in the Manga / Anime Style as well as exploring different face positions and expressions.  Enjoy using your imagination to create your own characters and increase your confidence in drawing!

This course is great for anyone who loves watching the Studio Ghibli films or Pokemon or simply loves creating different characters. Let's get sketching!

Course Curriculum

Kate Diamond

"I just wanted to say how much Cece & Henry get from your lessons. They respond so well to your teaching style, particularly the fact that you are not prescriptive, and they are not expected to do step by step drawing. (I'm sure you know how demoralising that can be for kids when they struggle to get it 'right'.) The positive messaging that you provide is really effective. The reminders about there being no such thing as bad art; the fact that people work at different paces; that it's fine to stick with the first section when the class moves on to the second section; and the encouragement to go off on a tangent if you have a different idea. These may seem like small things, but this holistic approach is so nurturing and provides a great environment for exploring and experimenting. This is the sign of truly great teaching, and I just wanted you to know how valued you are. Have a lovely weekend"

Who is teaching the course?

Emma Shannon

Hi there! 

My name is Emma and I have loved art from a very young age. I qualified as a primary teacher in 2006 and soon discovered that, due to timetable restraints, there was not enough time dedicated to the arts at school. I was often seeing children with low confidence being taken out of a rare art lesson to do more maths and English.

I believe that we should value art as a subject more as being creative makes us feel good, increases our self confidence and helps us think in different ways. 

As an artist and a teacher, it was the logical choice to bring my two passions together to create Go Sketch Club!

I believe in teaching children that there is no such thing as 'good art' and 'bad art', only art we like and don't like. Everyone likes different art! We celebrate 'mistakes' as 'opportunities' within the creative process. 

Go Sketch Club aims to develop young artists into self confident, imaginative and creative thinking adults of tomorrow.  

Happy sketching and hope to work with you soon,

Emma :)

Enjoy the mindful activity of drawing and have fun!
You get...
16 art lesson videos to create faces of your own anime characters  

Each lesson explains the project in short easy to watch video  

Approx 16+ hours of art activity  
Worth approx £480 of art tuition  

All for just £24  
(Per family not per person)

More than 1 person can use the course at a time

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