Top 5 gift ideas for an arty child

What art resources are best to have in your kit?

Around this time of year I am always asked the same question...

"What art resources do you recommend?"

So here we go. Here are my 5 top gift ideas for an arty child (or adult for that matter!)

1. Sketchbook

In my opinion you can never have enough sketchbooks. Sketchbooks are the number one way to develop your drawing skills as you can take them everywhere and it encourages you to draw all the time. Many artists will say that sketchbooks were essential to develop ideas and experiment with different techniques.

But which sketchbook should I get?

Well, it depends if your child will want to draw or paint in it. Check the GSM number as this tells you how thick the paper is. 70gsm paper for example is thinner and more flimsy than a 300gsm. Light paper, such as those below or around 100gsm, is good for drawing. Heavier and thicker paper is better if they may want to paint. Get at least 200gsm if you want to work with watercolour. Thicker paper means it will be less likely to warp when water is applied on the surface.

2. Sketching Pencils

Sketching pencils make such a difference when drawing. But what do all the letters and numbers mean? Well I like to think of B standing for black as the bigger the number before the B the darker the pencil is. Then I think of H as meaning hard as they are light in colour but also very hard so they don't shade well but are good at very precise drawings. For shading you need b, 2b, 3b and 4b. Any more is a bonus :)

3. Watercolour Pencils

Our watercolour pencils are always a firm favourite in our classes. Simply colour something in and then add water with a paintbrush to watch them turn to paint. Great when on the move or when you cannot make mess with paints.

4. Blending Stumps / Tortillions

These blending stumps will not break the bank and are great for getting a smooth blend with pencil. When we use our fingers to smudge pencil, oils from our skin are also added so these create a smoother finish. When dirty you can sand them on  a bit of sandpaper (anyone else wonder what the sand paper was for in art kits? You can also sharpen pencils with it)

5. Kneaded Rubber

These erasers are so fun! Not only are they knead-able like blue tac but they rub out mistakes without all the bits of rubber left over. You can also knead them into any shape including a point to rub out tiny areas.

Bonus: Why not gift one of our online pre-recorded courses to go with the art resources?

What would I recommend?

Art Quest

This is a fun course for beginners or anyone wanting a stand alone arty challenge to dip into

12 art challenges to complete at home while learning art skills such as texture, pattern and tone. Not many resources needed and colour in the Art Quest Path as you go!

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Cartoon Studio

Love cartoons? Cartoon Studio is a great course for children aged 7 and up (including beginner adults) to develop their cartooning skills and ignite their imagination! The course includes 35 video lessons that you can pause and rewind as much as you like. You can learn at your own pace and can choose a time suitable for you, great for those rainy days

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Manga / Anime Faces

If you have a manga or anime fan at home they will love this course. In this short course you will learn how to draw in the Japanese cartoon style known as manga or anime. Enjoy using
your imagination to create your own characters and increase your confidence in drawing!

Just £18 Click here to find out more

Beautiful Birds

In this course you will learn how to create 12 beautiful bird pieces of art using pencils, pen, colouring pencils, paints and collage. You will learn how to create different tones and textures using a range of art materials and will be encouraged to add your own spin to make your art your own. Let's get sketching beautiful birds including emus, cute ducklings, parrots, storks, flamingos wearing boots and many more...

Just £16 Click here to find out more

Creative Comics

Does your child love comics and making up funny stories or telling jokes? They will love this course. We will learn how to develop your own simple characters, explore fun story lines and discover your own comic style. 38 videos of comic fun!

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Any questions simply drop me a message here and I am happy to help.

Have a lovely week,

Emma :)