LIVE Weds Art Club 20th March

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Weds Art Club

Make time for art during lockdown

Join our online creative art club on zoom

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What age is it for?
Our weds art club is for all ages from 5 to adult.  Younger ones would also enjoy it with some support.

What will we learn?
We will learn how to develop our own ideas while learning some art skills along the way. This is not a step by step class. Each session has a theme and everyone creates their own unique artwork while getting used to the feeling of drawing some things they don't like as this is an essential part of the creative process.

Is there a replay?
Sorry we are unable to record the meetings due to safeguarding of children. You need to attend live. 

Who is teaching the class?
Emma, the founder of Go Sketch Club, will be teaching the class. Emma is an artist and an art teacher with over 10 years experience. 

How much is it? 
Weds Art Club is £8 a class or £6 a week for a block pass (only available at the beginning of the block)- per family not per child.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds if you are unable to attend last minute. 

Course Curriculum

Emma Shannon

Hi there! 

My name is Emma and I have loved art from a very young age. I qualified as a primary teacher in 2006 and soon discovered that, due to timetable restraints, there was not enough time dedicated to the arts at school. I was often seeing children with low confidence being taken out of a rare art lesson to do more maths and English.

I believe that we should value art as a subject more as being creative makes us feel good, increases our self confidence and helps us think in different ways. 

As an artist and a teacher, it was the logical choice to bring my two passions together to create Go Sketch Club!

I believe in teaching children that there is no such thing as 'good art' and 'bad art', only art we like and don't like. Everyone likes different art! We celebrate 'mistakes' as 'opportunities' within the creative process. 

Go Sketch Club aims to develop young artists into self confident, imaginative and creative thinking adults of tomorrow.  

Happy sketching and hope to work with you soon,

Emma :)

Tonya Foord-Brown

"Where do i start! We made the choice to home educate our SEN children after it became incredibly clear that mainstream wasn’t working for us. The pressure that comes with as a parent, is huge! I researched and hunted for our own timetable whilst still ensuring we weren’t following traditional curriculum and that’s when we came across GoSketch club! To have a super affordable art lesson weekly is a joy. I set my children up in their bedroom (to avoid the sticky 2 year olds grabby hands) and can hear them laughing and engaging with the lessons. They both adore Emma and are becoming increasingly more confident at unmuting themselves (i apologise in advance 🙃) and showing their work. After each lesson, they are so engaged with what they are doing, they usually continue for another hour painting their work they have done, or practising even further. You have brought the joy of art and being unapologetically creative back into their lives. Thankyou :)" 

Sophie Newton

"I home educate Grace and have done for over 4 years now. She is autistic and really struggled at school, especially with anxiety over lessons. We haven't managed to take a live online class yet, yours was our first and she really enjoyed it. She had been worried about being able to follow the instructions, but she said that it didn't feel like you were telling her what to do, just giving her inspiration and letting her be creative 😊"

Shelley Styles BBC

‘Emma brings warmth, energy and talent to her creative sessions. There is an inclusive and supportive nature to her teaching that reaches any age child and she adapts to the group whatever their needs. We wanted to host fun and engaging sessions for the children and we all really enjoyed them – children and adults alike!'

Andrew Williams Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

"Emma is a fantastic teacher and her friendly up-beat style makes this much more fun than just another Zoom lesson. Emma combines her artistic and teaching ideas, skills and talents with an accessible range of topics which provide developing artists some of the fundamentals of art and design in a fun way. Emma's approach places great importance on developing our own creative skills encouraging/requiring us to use our own ideas rather than just copying her ideas which was brilliant. We look forward to participating in Emma's future courses. Highly recommended."

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