Secret Garden

Come on a creative journey to draw and paint doors, keys, flowers and magical gardens

Does this sound familiar?

Imagine if...

Introducing your key to a creative summer, our brand new...

Secret Garden Art Course

In this course we will go on a journey together to discover...

Secret Doors

Curious Keyholes

Hidden Keys

Inside the grass

Imaginative Flowers

Magical Creatures

and much more in your very own secret garden...

"We thoroughly enjoyed starting our secret garden course this morning! Thank you 😊" Angela Bell 

Course Curriculum

This course is recorded so you can access the classes whenever you need an art activity.

This course is suitable for age 5 to adult. This is not a step by step course and instead encourages people to develop their own ideas. Therefore your whole family can enjoy drawing together :)

I have designed all our courses to need minimal resources so just bring whatever you have. See list below for ideas of what you could use...

Don't worry, you have a 7 day money back guarantee so you can try the first lesson with your child to see if it suits them.

Emma is teaching the course. See details below:

Hi there! 

My name is Emma and I have loved art from a very young age. I qualified as a primary teacher in 2006 and soon discovered that, due to timetable restraints, there was not enough time dedicated to the arts at school. I was often seeing children with low confidence being taken out of a rare art lesson to do more maths and English.

I believe that we should value art as a subject more as being creative makes us feel good, increases our self confidence and helps us think in different ways. 

As an artist and a teacher, it was the logical choice to bring my two passions together to create Go Sketch Club! 

I believe in teaching children that there is no such thing as 'good art' and 'bad art', only art we like and don't like. Everyone likes different art! We celebrate 'mistakes' as 'opportunities' within the creative process. 

Go Sketch Club aims to develop young artists into self confident, imaginative and creative thinking adults of tomorrow.  

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What do our families say?

Melita Hampsey

"Personally I felt that allowing the children to interpret the lessons in their own way was great. I have noticed than when the kids do art at school, every child in the class produces something almost identical. Being able to create something personal to each child was definitely something I thought was great.  Thanks!"

Andrew Williams (Walton-on-Thames, Surrey)

"Emma combines her artistic and teaching ideas, skills and talents with an accessible range of topics which provide developing artists some of the fundamentals of art and design in a fun way. Emma's approach places great importance on developing our own creative skills encouraging/requiring us to use our own ideas rather than just copying her ideas which was brilliant. We look forward to participating in Emma's future courses. Highly recommended." 

Debbie M (London)

"We loved Emma's approach to art. It lines up with the attitude I wanted to instill in my children and I had so much fun myself, I wanted to do more together with the children!"

Karen Cromar

"As a former secondary school teacher, and someone who currently works with teenagers with special needs, I know how important it is to be enthusiastic, engaging and also relaxed and sensitive at the same time. You totally hit the nail on the head! I will look out for what you have in store next and will also be recommending you to friends with kids." 

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You get...

12 art lesson videos that take you on an imaginative journey

Each lesson explains the project in short easy to watch videos

Approx 12+ hours
of art activity

Worth approx £270-£360
of art tuition

All for just £24 

(Per family not per person)

No Time Limit to complete
More than 1 person can use the course at a time

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