3 reasons drawing is good for you

Does drawing make anyone else feel happier?

Does anyone else feel happier when they draw? There are many studies that suggest that creating art is actually good for our health.

Here are 3 reasons why...

1. Relaxes the brain

Today we are constantly on the go. Even in our 'down time' we often reach for our phone, tablet or end up watching TV. This is very stimulating for our brain and often leads to difficulties relaxing. Drawing, painting and creating allows our brain to work in a different way. We become engrossed in the present moment which has been shown to be a great stress reliever as the brain can relax and work at a slower pace. Reducing stress is great for both our mental and physical health so great all round!

2. Can help us sleep

Many of us are struggling to get to sleep at night. Do you relate to this? Studies suggest that drawing for a minimum of 15 mins before bed can help prepare the mind and body for a restful night's sleep. Sleep is so important for our health so why not try an evening doodle?

3. Helps us develop problem solving skills

When drawing something, artists will either like or not like what they draw. Drawing something you don't like is an essential part of the drawing process as it helps us to learn our preferences in the art world. Learning to adapt, amend, change or even start a drawing over is great for developing those problem solving skills. This resilience can then be so beneficial in other areas of life.

We love helping families to feel more confident when drawing and to encourage them to make time for art during the week.

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