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Christmas Art Parties!

Would you like a Christmas Art Party for your family or workplace this year?

If you want to do a creative fun activity with your family in the weeks leading up to Christmas, then why not all attend an art class together? Suitable for groups of adults or families with children.

See below for options that work well as an online arty party. We have chosen activities that do not need a lot of resources at home.

For an additional fee, we can also tailor make your online art party to suit your needs so let us know if you have any of your own ideas.

“What a fantastic event!  Emma was both energising and calming at the same time.  The team really benefitted from some time out of the working day to connect with each other and explore their creativity.  Thank you, Emma!”

Victoria Bracken (Accenture UK)

"Well that was brilliant! Thank you so much for running a zendoodle art party for our daughter. It worked really well. Some amazing artwork too, I'm impressed! Our daughter loved it!"

Alison Harwood

Thanks so much, what an amazing party! Yael had a great time - and so  did I - I thought the activities were brilliant and it really engaged  the kids. We got some lovely feedback from parents especially those who  needed their kids to leave early and couldn't  pull them away!!

"Ellie's drawings are stupendous, I wasn't there watching but the must have been an amazing teacher!"
"Omg just fantastic! Lily had so much fun"
"Really was such a fab idea!!!"
"It looked really fun and well run"
"Rowan absolutely loved it - I wasn't allowed to join in but she was obviously really good at engaging the kids."

Caroline Davis

How it works...

Party Gifts?

Do you want to give a party bag but not sure how?

You could treat each person attending to an online art course at gosketchclub.com. We can send the gift vouchers to the participants to access their course. 

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Party Options...